We might make your mom cry.

At ISH, we love making gorgeous photos for girls.* Photos that you will love of yourself, being you. These aren’t the photos Trish shoots at a family session that mom and grandma love, they’re photos of you that make mom cry because you are growing up so fast. Sorry mom!

Celebrating sisters, daughters, birthdays, pre mitzvahs, friendships, accomplishments, hobbies and talents is what we do.

Once your session is booked, we’ll help you with step one…preparation. We will send our suggestions for wardrobe but want you to select what you love. We offer personal styling and even shopping, as an add on to your session. Makeup isn’t necessary, but it’s so fun, so you may book your own favourite artist, or we can book Andrea or Stef, our amazing artists who we love working with.

Step two is shoot day! We’ll see you at the studio for makeup (if selected) and make all sorts of great photos of you. We don’t have a shot list or a formula that we apply to every girl we shoot. What we do for you will be based upon YOU. You is what we want to capture, so be your perfect self. Quiet or outgoing, shy or loving the lens…it’s all good. Oh, and Trish has worked with many professional models and will help you with posing, so don’t stress if it’s your first time.

Of course the shoot is insanely fun, but the best part is actually afterwards, when you get to pick out your favourite images and make something awesome that lasts forever. No, digital files don’t last forever. Major let down, we know, but trust us that all of your beautiful shots will one day be forgotten if we don't print them. And technically, the ordering appointment is shopping, and we love shopping (see footnote).

Of course you’ll want to share your favourites, but you don’t want to carry your 20x30 acrylic wall art to school, so we’re going to make you an app with all of your final selects and you can share to your heart’s content (and save your back because acrylics are super heavy).

Then, you have an option to Vault your images in our super-amazing cloud storage space where you and your family can download, print and share the shots easily from pretty much any device.

You show up and be gorgeous, we do the rest.


*We also love shopping, coconut-milk-chai-lattes, green juice and all the puppies.

Not Trish. She wishes.

Not Trish. She wishes.